About Druids-knowledge

When I was a little child, I spent more time in the woods than with other children. The birds were my friends. The blindworm showed me how to hide and with the squirrel I played hide and seek.
Following was a rather unpleasant time of school, some studies, first love and inevitably lover’s grief. As a result I hold three degrees in three different faculties and a diploma. So there I was a learned academic but not for an inch’s worth wiser.
It was by haphazard, I became a druid: It was shortly after the tragic love of my life (insert slow violins here) had left me head over heels, I decided I had seen it all, tied a rope on a robust beam and made a nice loop (one of the benefits of having been a boy scout) – But before hanging myself I decided to make a last cruise on my motorbike and drink a beer.
In a rather well frequented alternative local in Zürich I sat miserably in front of my beer, when a very unremarkable man of a nondescript age took a seat on my table and mumbled something like “errhm, no, no, you won’t do that…. cough, erhm”.

When I replied I wasn’t in the mood for talking and just wanted to drink my beer, this little nondescript fellow underwent an abrupt change. He who just seconds before had seemed small and sunken in, suddenly straightened himself up to a rather remarkable size and posture. – Like a storm cloud the guy seemed to grow from inside! Then we could hear the thunder: With a dark full and booming voice he put me to my spot! During then minutes he resumed my whole life as an egocentric spoiled miser at length and in very accurate detail. Then he ordered me to come to his place before sunrise the next morning, so my real formation could begin. He drifted out of the restaurant like a thundercloud under high-tension. – Just to pop his head in again and shout at the serving wench: “And this creep is to pay my beer as well!”

The whole restaurant was eerily silent. Every conversation had died out, so powerful had his emanated raw power been. Slowly life returned to the scene. I felt rather uncomfortable and I tried to make an unobtrusive bee-line to the door. Not easy if everybody is looking at you with commiseration.

The next morning my formation of several years in the ways of the ancients, the tradition of the lost, wandering brothers began. A way of life which is not bound to any religion, faith or philosophy.

Meditation, benediction, dissolving clouds, plants-lore, hunting prejudices, looking through the eyes of a child, rituals, cleansing and much more. It was a very laborious and yet happy time. Once during a wind-meditation I fell asleep. – When I woke up, the storm wall at its full height. – Oh was my teacher ticked off! With combined forces we were able to pacify the wildly dancing and howling sylphs and their companions again. After this both of us were drenched in sweat… There would be many more stories like this. Slowly I began to understand the eternal mechanics of life and my place in this our world and its society.

That was until my teacher decided to go. Simply like that! Gone, bye and dead – finished with this world – typical him!

He had prepared me beforehand though to walk alone, and so I continued and continue to walk the ancient paths, to learn from all those who carry their wisdom in their hearts, not only in their books. Be it men, animals, plants, stones or other beings.

Since then many exciting beings have shared their wisdom with me (compare Nemeton), even more charlatans had to listen to my glam dicinn and many kind souls helped me to fly up until the clouds and stay solidly on the ground of reality all the same.

No, I am not a guru, sage or “master”. All the thoughts though, I share here on Druids-knowledge.com are my own. All those repeating them without thinking themselves – did not get it. But for all those who are on the way of the ancients (of any tradition) or would like to know more about it and a real integrated life off the “consumerist hamsters wheel” are herewith warmly invited to a personal exchange of thoughts!

Since August 2013 I am ready, able and approved to train people who feel attracted to the way of the ancients. More about the ancient, hidden way will be shortly filled in the grimoire or contact me: Elben@druidenwissen.ch. No, I do NOT charge for training and you do NOT need to come to Switzerland to become a druid. And NO this is not another puny “druids academy” or order of any kind. This is the real stuff for real people who want to enable themselves and others to live self-determined and fully integrated into modern society as it has been taught since the downfall and diaspora of the druids 2000 years ago. It’s not about getting power beyond others but harmony in oneself. Everything else is an illusion.