Nemeton is, actually, a Celtic word and means “holy grove”.

The connection of the druids with the nature is legendary. Also their ability to communicate with animals and plants in a very special way. Many druids feel a far closer connection to animals and plants than to people. A meeting of such druids therefore also can be understood as a grove. Mostly such meetings take place in the free nature. There, in quiet contemplation, or in open dialogue knowledge, pictures and emotional energy can be exchanged between all beings present.

The communication inside a nemeton always should be without any hierarchy, always in peace and warmhearted, according to the old motto “Always heal, never injure”. Dissent is expressed at most by silence. Everybody should be heard and everybody may bring forward every concern. About what was communicated in the Nemeton should be spoken, except everybody agrees, not beyond the holy grove. Who brings strife into the nemeton, will have a time-out recommended in his or her own responsibility, to find again his or her middle and peace.

In todays time, a nemeton may also be a circle of friends who walk complementary routes on the ways of the ancients. Such a nemeton can be purely virtual or physical . Everybody who is interested in the way of the druids is herewith invited most warmly to actively take care of such a circle of friends of people, animals and plants. Mind though the difference of any “Network”. A nemeton is not for the profit of any being or any sect, but for the community itself.