The one and only Commandment

The ancient Teutons and Vikings knew the good and light in the world had been weakened by the death of Balder in Wanaheim and Ragnarök – total armageddon was imminent. The Gallic druids as well realized, the Pillars of Heaven had been severely weakened and heaven itself threatened to plunge onto the world. Like the good old Moishele when he came down from his hill, they realized that their people were ever again to sin.

It was Prince Siddhartha though who probably first found the key to this spiral of suffering and pain. In deep contemplation in the shade of his tree he attained it. It is the same key that was whispered into dead Baldurs ear by his now fully awakened Vatar Odin. On his voyages through time and space Wuotan had realized, even gods have immortal souls. This realization enlightening and transcending him from Wuotan to Odin. He knew, his one beloved son Baldur – Peace itself – had died but soon its soul would incarnate itself again. Prince of Peace, Baldur the white!! So under tears he whispered in his dead sons Ear “You will return!” And return he did and will.

The higher Buddhists, Norse and Druids all realized that all beings ultimately come forth from the same source, and finally return to it. They realized all souls are immortal parts of this one source, as a drop of rain is always part of the ocean, no matter where in the cycle of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, spring river and sea it is located.

Based on this knowledge Jesus postulated his parable of the lost son and the Buddhists their four noble truths. All souls have the right to secede from the sea of ​​souls and enter the cycle of life again and again to to clarify the doubts which motivated them to go on their journey – Finally the are all to take their seat at the house of the all father again. Actually it is completely irrelevant with what religion or philospophy this process is described.

This eternal cycle applies to all beings: stone, water and wind, plants, animals and humans. – Therefore, harmony and the big balance between all beings and things was so important to the Druids. Like the wise Odin, Buddha and the young Jesse, they realized that any breach of harmony, any disbalance  automatically generated a dissonance of its own. This dissonance had its own inharmonious being. On a metaphysic point of view, a little part of the well of souls seceded and became inharmonious. Ultimately all that exists is only part of the great one soul. The great goal of all keepers of this knowledge is to minimize any disharmony so as many souls as possible can return to the one and as minimal as possible have to secede anew from it.
Sounds nice cosy and fluffy, eh? – Except if you face a hostile almost dehumanized warrior or soldier…
And the war-crazed Celtic or Teutonic Warriors of once were not any more likeable than the fanatics of today:
Another reason the Druids themselves almost never participated in acts of violence and hardly approved them, because they knew that they once could have been or would be part of a spear, the page a book, a wave at sea, and even the flight of a swallow. – To them all existent things were equally righted. No matter in what form or on which side they fought. In every thing or sentient being they recognized a part of the one. What foolishness to fight it! What sin to exert violence against a part of god! The ultimate Goal is to minimize any suffering!!!!
For those who are able to recognize the father of all beings in every pair of eyes, the only way is nonviolence.
Everything else is just meaningless. Therefore, the big secret, the key to enlightenment is equal in all true religions :

This is the highest sacred truth which, according to the nordic prophecies was revealed to us on the golden plates found in the green grass by the playing children of Baldur after Ragnarök.
Astonishing they are the exactly same words of the one first commandment written on exactly the same golden tables shattered by Moses.
It is the one commandment revealed to us by the reborn prince of Peace Jesus.


Only those who have learned to love themselves unconditionally, can pass this love on to their next.e But be aware: Only those beings self-conscious enough to more or less realize or feel, they are part of the one will feel this love at the measure of their self-realization. (Hey every stone and most animals can do it). It is completely legitimate to protect oneself against beings who do not realize their interconnectedness to the one and therefore all souls and therefore hurt other souls to the egoistic profit of their misinterpretation of their ego. – The dictum above neither is “let yourself be abused by any egoist”, nor “Exhaust yourself for any idiot” – But never forget, even worlds biggest tyrant is but a stray soul from the well of all souls. So protect yourself but never ever use “offensive protection” or let your benevolence be corrupted by your fears.

Of course Slaanesh, the “keeper of secrets” (better the spoonfeeder and spinweasle of misconception) tuned this into “Si vis pacem para bellum” (Cicero, derived from Platon: “If you want peace, prepare for war”)- This is perverted, wrong and diabolic!!!! In preparing for war you but keep alive your own fears, nurture hatred and create fear and aggression in others.
The truth is: “Si vis pacem, para pacem” (“If you want peace, prepare for peace”) – I am not talking of becoming blue-eyed or defenseless but gentle minded and self-sufficient, at peace with yourself and others. It works. Do believe me: I tried both ways!!!
The last gun I held was the one I bought from the guy threatening me with it only seconds before. – Then I had a gun and was opposite an unarmed guy.
Instead of (legally) blowing his light out, we peacefully went to a pub, chatting the whole evening. This guy now is doing a great job on the streets preventing youngsters to become what he once was.
Just another druid on his way. – Guns are for cowards!
On an international scale its pretty much the same: “War for peace is as stupid as fucking for virginity!” Since 1950 the worlds interdependencies and interefficacies have become so dense, any war will economically backfire on all warring parties so heavy, it just does not make any sense anymore. QED since Vietnam. WWII was the last economically successful war. (For the Yankees at last) Since then offensive wars unimportant of their magnitude are the downfall of any Empire – mark my words!!!!