Welcome to Druids-Lore

Many people are asking the questions if druids are born as such or if one can become a druid by learning and if it is possible to live as a druid in our modern society.
The answer to both questions is “Yes!”

The knowledge of the Druids has always been passed from mouth to ear to make sure that every Druid understood the transmitted ideas and not just repeated them letter by letter, but actively reflected and discussed them in detail and finally harmoniously integrated the lore into his own being his own way. Not blind spelling it shall be, but living wisdom of life itself.
I got most of my knowledge that way.

Over two thousand years have passed since the flowering of Druidism and a new wind is blowing through the forest. It‘s time to share the knowledge of the ancients with all those who seek it and are willing to work with it. No empty words and rituals are required today, but the accumulated knowledge of generations of seekers. In any piece of nature, in all that exists today,can you find the will of the Creator. Those who have eyes to see, will recognize the beauty of life in everything and every living creature. More than that: To him who knows to listen, all things around will let him have experiences and thoughts to discover the beginning of his own quest. Reality itself will teach you and protect you, so you can explore and grow strong in the ancient ways.

My job is to show you the beginning of this journeyIf you want, that is.
If you’re
already on the way: I am looking forward to sharing with likeminded people: ElBen@druidenwissen.ch

If you are looking for a guru, or someone to moan to, a sect or a quick kick, then move on. Here you find mental equipment but no fish.

To my utter grief, my English is not so British as I would like it to be, but over the next few weeks I will try to translate the whole body of “druidenwissen.ch” into a more or less civilized English form. (Dont frown at my spelling: later on I will have to translate it into French,and this makes my bowels cringe!)

PS: I am not in any way connected to any formal druid “order”, sect or other bogus.