A Grimoire is the druids diary or scrapbook of a sort. Grimoires were used as well by witchers, mages or even the herbal witch “Wurrzelprannt”. It contains mostly arcane secrets, knowledge not destined for the eyes of the unknowing and other things which at ancient times could get you really fast to the stake on a pyre. Even today most of my knowledge remains private because some of my theses would be rather incomprehensible or mentally indigestible for most of my recipients.
Please note I did not eat wisdom with a golden spoon. I am neither guru nor prophet. Especially the latter ones tend to be crucified or stoned way to often!
Therefore please do not parrot my words but “make yourself your own rhyme“.If you think some important thought is missing there or I got some point all wrong, do not hesitate and drop me a line: A dialogue with mentally sane fellow-druids is always welcome.