Reenacting Druids

The reenacting druids certainly are the most funny variety of druids. All around the globe people sharing their enthusiasm for everything “medieval” and fantasy, meet on a regular base to reenact the “middle ages” as they should have been  in their opinion. This can go as far as copying clothing, language, food, behaviour and so on until the very tiniest button of a given time and location. Others, especially those who like a laugh with their fantasy do not keep things as serious but happen to glue on elves ears or squeeze into a orks mask and roaring happily go hunting the said elves…

Oh well, a lot(!) of sometimes really rough humour, fantasy and joy of life – those are very important elements not only of the druids but all Celts. The reenacters impersonate them in a heart warming kind.
Fun and complete immersion into another, seemingly more interesting reality often are the main motivation for reenactment. In the german speaking region of Europe alone, each year there are well above one hundred large medieval events with sometimes well above several thousand participants.

Inevitably some reenacters pose as druids. This may range from “Wizzard costume rental”, “Gandalf reloaded” to very serious travellers on the paths of the ancients, who mostly take part in such events as guests or traders to allow themselves some good time in midst of a truly peaceful and amiable crowd.

Most reenactment-druids deep deep inside feel an urge to impersonate a dignified, wise and positive personality who is connected with nature and its magic. – Traits they may live but partly in their “ordinary” lives. More often than not, this enthusiasm for the ways of the ancients leads to a deeper look into the subject. Therefore the distinction between more or less serious druids in reenactment is quite floating. But there are some reenacting events, especially in southwestern England where the mentally most healthy druids are those not taking themselves so pinch-arsed-serious.

Another funny fact is, the most radical and extreme “new heathen” opponents of anything “christian”, are to be found amongst “not so educated” reenacters. – Main thing is to be a provocative “do-it-yourself heathen”. The very few serious witches I met, are doing loopings on their brooms because of this ridiculous behaviour. – As every serious witch or mystic knows, all existing beings (even the manic and bigot ones) hang on the same silvery thread….

Up from a certain niveau it does not matter anymore under which name, image or gender you worship the one ever-loving being.