Well known modern druids

He spoke with animals and plants, realized the essence of humility, was the humble helper of the weak and oppressed of all creation, despised pomp and vain attachment to worldly illusions. Driven by a deep medieval faith he planted seeds of love, humility and confidence which still today rise even in the darkest places and rip ancient stone apart as paper. Like Merlin Francis was completely vanawitted enlightened and in deep love with creation and the All-Father. His creed The last document written down by him, can be found here for download.

J.R.R. Tolkien
Tolkien was initiated as early as a baby in South Africa, incidentally, without telling his parents by a Bantu(?) Medicine man. From then he was accompanied and protected by a strong Vodun. By his own ingenuity, he combined his ancestral, Anglo-Catholic faith with the old way. The ability to travel in other times, realities and worlds did not only bring forth entertaining literature, but deep knowledge. His epicSilmarillion, is in all ways equal to those of Gilgamesh or the Genesis. Like the aging Bilbo and many druids before him Tolkien was a profound expert  not only all of antiquity, but even  Professor of the Norse and Celtic mythology and poetry. They became a part of himself as he unveiled them. Like some of the wealthier druids his menhir bears his name and as is extremely rare the one of his beloved wife  Luthien and Beren.

Karl May
Blind, beaten and poor but with the heart of a reincarnated “Hakawati” Karl May was saved by his grandmother from being mindbroken by his cruel father. Later he was cured and became seeing. But without a druids master he staggered from bust to bust – petty-thief out of despair his mental being deviated and began to dissolve by the powerful blows of demonic forces dealt to him continuously as a hammer in a forge. Finally he became a reprobate scribbler of trashy novels – as he finally found his second publisher. It was by him he was shown the way of the ancients: From now on Winnetou and Kara Ben Nemsi, his avatars rode in himself to discover foreign countries and people. It was to an audience of young readers he wrote and transferred his gained wisdom to educate and save them from the iron clutches of an inhuman Prussian society turning pervert on the verge of two wars. Repeatedly he refused to write for the German war machine. On the contrary: Even at an old age in the face of death, he gave his famous speech in Vienna “Empor ins Reich der Edelmenschen“, in which he announced much Druids knowledge. His more than ever active menhir, a monument of loving education of youth through the power of a fully awakened Hakawati, stands in the midst of his Nemeton in Radebeul. It´s directly on the other side of the Karl May Museum.

Forstmeister Orelli von Zürich
A military officer who visits a forestry school, sleeps on a bearskin rug on the floor, went to bed at six o’clock, gets up at midnight and showers naked under a waterfall on a daily routine, while on principle only eating raw food? Ingenious philosopher of sustainable forest management and friend of all animals, forest master Orelli didn´t let himself bother even by the most obnoxious contemporaries of the pharisean loggerheaded Zürich high snobiety and built a wildlife park for the protection of his animal-friends right in front of them. His menhir standsright at the entrance to Langenberg Wildlife Park tucked under an oak tree near the Sihlwald awakened by him.

Carl Hilty
Chief Military Judge of Switzerland, professor of law and pervaded of a deep love to all creation he was a devout Christian from head to toe, but a more pointed and unyielding critic of any meaningless religious doctrine. Driven by the quest for happinessin three volumes he wrote a manual for happiness without  revolution in deeper love for God and all that is. He was very human. In particular, his steady barrage against any Pharisaism is at least as heartwarming as its still very latest treatises on “happiness”. But despite all Christianity repeatedly he wrote lines, which undoubtedly out him as an Archdruid. You can download and print his works from this location.

Wasn´t there, this little moustached, half-naked Indian lawyer was with the round wire-rimmed glasses? A Jain, who simply sat down and freed his people through Ahimsa and civil disobedience  from the cruel clutches of the British occupation in silent acquiescence. As old as he got, he did not like the title Mahatma” or Blessed Soul“. Today his concepts of self-sufficiency are more relevant than ever, because the revolutionaries of today are the dictators of tomorrow! His concepts of autarky used sensibly for families, houses, villages and countries could be heralding the threshold of a new golden age. His will for unconditional peace was also evident when he, dying begged forgiveness for his (demonic deluded) killer. His standing stones are everywhere in India. Oh India: remember and shake off the dirt.

Actually he only wanted to serve. He never got his opportunity for active duty. Like this in deep humility a man matured who would not only put a violent end to the madness of the Axis powers, but the one they had to ask several times before he accepted the office of President of the United States. From his quotations speaks not only an iron will and disciplinesecond to none, but also a tactical-strategic philanthropy. By living as a model, encouragement and demand Ike” was the ideal for a whole generation. I do not know where his menhir stands and who it was that finally brought him on his way, but many of his quotes are undoubtedly Dictae of the elder wandering druids. – Which stand in stark contradiction to some of his later deeds.

It takes some guts to freely roam a medieval pestillence-ridden world in which a completely perverted inquisition rules. Paracelsus, doctor, researcher, polymath and finally Alchemist mastered the magic to appear important or uninteresting like no other! To write much more about the good old Theophrastus would be pointless, because  enough (non)sense has been written about him. There is no doubt: he was one of us, even the founder of a whole new line. Outer research, Inner Alchemy and publication of knowledge are the cornerstones of his actions. A sophistical scientist will never be able to understand this.

Painter, architect, visionary, relentless fighter for the rights of nature and a dignified life for all. His works not only speak of audacity and brilliant color, but also by a deep understanding of the organic in all existences. Unlike Kandinsky in his works reality does not become reduced to a rigid formula, but becomes organic living. Everything is connected in a large circulation of matter, information and souls. – Even our nuclear waste !! Therefore, he first wrote flaming, revolutionary and “philosophically” inspired, tracts like “Holy shit” (absolutely no fun intended) and demanded the right for trees to rent apartments. Later he took his rest on the waves of the sea in his own converted ship “rainy day“. His buildings and images today are an eloquent testimony of this revolutionary forerunner for a decent coexistence for all beings. His menhir is well hidden near a small town in New Zealand. But typical Hundertwasser he wants it in no way be visited – Instead he transformed a public loo nearby in to a “Scheisshaus” (quoted Hundertwasser.) –  His own way of a testimony. But do not frown: there every stone emanates full symbolic druidic power and the whole toilet is fully activated like a very powerful menhir – He always tended to a very special sense of humor …

A visionary who foresaw the horrors of communism and Stalinism. With all his strength he tried to move the Tzar to the correct action to, because he knew that if the revolution failed there would be a possibility of a peaceful, constitutional monarchy and the course of history would have become another. But alas, hetortured to death subsequently demonized by deluded dogs of war, ignominiously ended one of the strong Russian Druids. Today these forces reawaken. In Russia there are to be whole villages who live according Druidic ideals. Let’s hope that they do not share the fate of the hippies, because druids knowledge is for this world, not for an insular municipality.

Mica White Horse
A defeated Boxer on the ground, a hunted marathon runner who one night trail running is suddenly overtaken by an old Indian in sandals. In sandals !!! After a long search Mica finally had found his master! He taught him not to fight against the path, but to use it, to walk it. A great wisdom, not only for trailrunners, but also for the way of life (especially on inclines, obstacles or in darkness). A wisdom that Mica has tirelessly carried into the hunted, “civilised” world. Therefore, many Druids are indeed good walkers …. His menhir stands in Mexico on the land of the tribe who trained him.

Kräuterpfarrer Künzle
Another one, in whose time only the taking of the roman habit remained to be Druid. As an expert of the ancient works of Galen, Paracelsus Tabernaemontanus he devoted himself to healing the sick with the resources of nature. The selfish and greedy degenerated chemical industry and so-called doctors tried their worst on him by abusing all legal means and then by poisoning him. He survived both attacks and cheerfully continued his work to the highest age. – Much to the dismay of the poison-wizards of Basel. His works Chrut und Uchrutand herbal medicineare not intended for consumerist plebeians, but for responsible citizens who want to keep themselves healthy by the power of nature. – And not become dependant of public health insurance, ignorant doctors when becoming ill. His spiritual brothers and successors Mességué, A. Vogel and Pfr. Kneipp have then concluded peace with the chemists – well at least partially.

These are just some of the presently known Druids. All these are now legends, whose secrets will pass by the “father” to son”. Llegends who faced the wind of their time and the spray of a cold environment, laughing in the face of ignorance and dispersed their druidic seeds through their works in the hearts of all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. May their seeds of love continue to rise in the hearts of the worthy!

Be the wisdom of the cold north,
the fire of vigor of the south,
the gratefulness of the harvest of the west,
the confidence and stamina of the east,
the security of mother earth beneath their feet
and the love of father in the sky
with all those.