Druid bowls

Gods of healing and their holy springs or pools were highly regarded by the Celts. The Druids were known for their ability to brew from these waters of life,” their powerful potions and elixirs. Equally well known is that several times per year, in solemn procession the Druids carried water from nearby sources into their houses. In some places in Switzerland, this custom has survived, and it now is a from a form of “Easter running” so that a druid tries to carry a bowl of water from a fountain into the house without speaking. – Mindfulness is just not an invention of Buddhism, but plays a literally vital role in following the spiritual path in all world religions.
The scattered remnants of the Druids of the alps region the old “Venetian Men”, traveled far and noted their findings on nature, the weather, the ground and the rocks and ores occurring in them in their wale books” – their grimoires. Even Paracelsus, the great healer, mystic, and not least druid of his his time used to explore  underground” where the deep mysteries of the waters stones and ores are well hidden.
Finally there was a special form of trance by the continued looking in the mirror of a calm water surface, lit by a candle.
All combined together led to the rediscovery of an ancient art and an object of all these activities possible – the Druid bowl!

More on the function, wide range of possibilities and effects of the diverse druid bowls and how to get one you will find soon in the shop. Meanwhile drop me a line if you are interested: info@druidenwissen.ch.


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