Christian Druids

Can there be such as Christian Druids? – You bet there can! A Druid is a follower of an ancient path, a tradition, a philosophy and a way of life but not a certain religion. Many  deeply druid rites like the Christmas tree, the five-star, the lights and the giving of gifts – Christmas itself, and many Christian feasts and their rites like, Easter, midsummer, thanksgiving, all Saints have indeed been absorbed into the Christian cult.  – Even Father Christmas, the Easter bunny with his eggs are of Celtic origin.

When considering Christian Druids, the Chaldees, a Christian community of faith at the very early middle ages, located in Scotland and Ireland are remarkable: Even before the firs missionary had set foot to either Ireland or Scotland they knew of the new Christian testimony. As in Ethiopia a direct disciple of Jesus had been faster than the roman soulcatchers.
They were organized in different “houses” but after having completed their basic schooling, lived scattered far about in little hermits clauses, following the one and only(!!) law of the lord “Live your next as you love yourself” – And they knew the Lord’s prayer! They held mass – but whenever possible not in their little clauses made of stone but outside in nature herself.  Their profession was the treatment of the sick and needing. Their big paragon was the “Lord of peace” who first as a brother then as a lord had gone the way before them. To follow him in Charity, Peacefulness and Mercy was their declared goal.

After the roman catholic invasion they either assimilated into Catholicism, were hunted down by their once-brethren the black frocks or disappeared as hermits from the roman line of sight. In Ireland as monks and abbots, they tried to bring some of their druidic lines of thought into the catholic church. Well known are the “Celtic crosses” all over Ireland, the groves, the culture of hermits and the caretaking of the sick and needing. – Hitherto the job of whole roman catholic orders.

A very special and rather funny Irish Culdean missionary(!) even undertook the “bringing of the word” to the south and founded the cloister St.Gallen – Which up to this day is famous for its library, cloister garden and hospital.

All in all, being a Christian is not a contradiction with being a Druid. But being a mindless Pharisee or Zealot absolutely is! – There is one god, who has many names but his one order is: (ahaem) “Love thy next as thou lovest thyself” – Not “let yourself rip off by any arse” or “let yourself be consumed by the needs of your next”- Think about it. It will do you good…