Druids of the New-Age

Hippies, returnees from India, flowerpower-kids, LSD-trippers and what they all might be: The New Age as mental expression of the age of Aquarius is expressing itself through universal love and a longing for peace. – Only too bad the peaceful have nothing but their nonviolence to counter the sheer hatred and violence of totalitarian regimes founded on Kants and Rousseaus faulty maxims. Daydreamers and alas so tightly aware of life itself, many of them were not able to cope with a senseless reality. Too cruel were the experiences of drug-addiction, in Vietnam’s hell, in the unchained moloch of imperial capitalism – or in the iron hell of communism. Even an arhat like Gandhi had to go the way of a martyr in this, the ending age of the iron and the machine.

That is a pity, because the hippies were and are as close to their goal as never. Oh well, sometimes is is the time to stand up, unite and act. (Here is to you, people of the late Eastern-Germany) I do not talk of running around yelling slogans, waving whatever silly flag or do something violent. An action that makes sense is always as peaceful as ever possible – and as violent as absolutely necessary. A druid considers every act even of “necessary” violence as an utter personal failure because through violence new suffering and following violence is allowed to enter this plane of existence. A Chaldean theory even states, every challenge in this world is laid out, so there always is a possible peaceful solution. Most of the times, this solution needs more boldness, power, intelligence, patience and courage, than all other “solutions”. Yep, I am talking about unexpected swift political and diplomatic solutions.

But let’s get back to the subject.
Those wandering on the ways of the New Age with enabled brains, hearts and hands and being truly in peace INSIDE, are able to avoid society’s booby traps like drugs, too much career, money, power and the like (and hopefully the “duty” as a soldier). They do not stem against the crushing wheel of time. “Do not ask for the situation to be like it should, but it should be like it is.” We can learn from almost every situation. On the end of every blind end is a mouse-hole to sneak through – or a turning point. People awake and enabled like those have different names: lightworkers, spellweavers, peacewarriors (sic!!). Some of them are eclectic treehuggers, dropouts or globetrotters. Often after a long search for themselves, they return home as truly inspiring persons.

The New Age in this sense, is not to be understood as a sect, but a universal way of revealing oneself, becoming ONE in universal love and understanding not only in the academic, but the cognitive, emotional and spiritual way. Everyone has to walk his way himself. But everyone may go his individual way . – So “what guru? You ARE the guru!

The way of the Druid as an applied philosophy of life, can contribute its part to the transcendation of ones personal being in harmony and following inner and outer love and peace. As a matter of fact, many of the new theorems of the New Age can very well be applied to walk the path of the ancients and to travel in the inner universe.