Relation between Celts and Druids

If we consider the fact that the Celts and their forefathers settled in the whole European cultural space, from Spain (Hibernians) up to the black sea, from Scotland to Italy during thousands of years, it is but logic there must have been big differences between the druids of different regions and times.The Celts formed no own „Celtic nation“, but identified themselves above all as members of their tribes.
For an overview of all big Celtic tribes in the course of several centuries, I recommend the book “Kunst der Kelten” from the NZZ publishing company. – Well that is if you are fluent in German…

Therefore, already in middle to outgoing Stone Age, someone had to take care of the often rivalling forces between the tribes. – Just to keep the peace and minimize costly (and avoidable) quarreling between the different tribes consisting of proud, fierce and quarrelsome, intrepid celtic warriors. No easy task if we apprehend that even crossing the shadow of a celtic warrior meant a literally deadly insult to him.
To be able to fulfill their tasks of keeping the balance, consulting local chieftains not only about stately matters but also about agriculture and trade, stockpiling and medical affairs, they were allowed to travel and communicate unhindered between all celtic tribes. They were able to speak several languages to be able to communicate with each other. In addition, they were unassailable within the Celtic society. To deliberately hurt or injure a druid if man or woman was one of the worst crimes in Celtic society..

Nevertheless, with the discovery of the different metals going to war and overexploitation of mother nature became easier and easier, (Hence, the distinct druids aversion of iron) As an addition many new cultures penetrated into to the settlement area of the celts, or Celtic tribes wandered into foreign territory and mixed with them. – Cultures in which the druids right of peace valued pretty little.
Nevertheless the druids were estimated highly with the Greeks and stood in active exchange with the Greek culture. Also within the Scots and Picts they were regarded highly and respected.  The imperial Romans however, like today the U$A, if it comes to foreign affairs (in their understanding savages to be exploited) above all trusted in the power of a well organised and equipped standing army.
Rome hardly had conquered the whole known world, it hurriedly hung to itself little a thinly disguising christian cloak, – and assimilated or destroyed the rests of all other religions in Romes sphere of influence. Many black druids drew the new black habit and now spread fear and terror before the Day of Judgement instead of escorting the dead people in peace. Some white druids had come to an arrangement on the rough coast of Scotland and in Ireland with the Roman catholics and brought the monastic culture to a blossom of highest-level . – Finally, even on the short leading-string of the imperial Roman pope. – If they wanted to preserve their heritage only retreat into the inner kingdom remained.

The Celtic culture was extinguished for good! As a result of the futile little power plays and greed of the of the people, the druids in secrecy centuries had time to reflect again on their roots. Power and wealth – Those two had spoilt the values which they had once tried to defend. So they reflected their mistakes as scattered, hunted remains of a once great culture: The wandering brethren as they called themselves had plenty of time in hiding to consider their mistakes: A petty system of ranks and submission amongst themselves had rendered them vulnerable. The separation of men and woman had alienated different branches and sexes of Druidism. Had they stood together men and woman, all three branches united. – They would have been able to unite all the celtic tribes in Gaul. Cesar would have failed. But alas, they had become saturated, infused with lucid dreams of power and wealth. Internal quarrels between the three branches further divided them. Female druids, even with their ambacts (sworn protector friends) no longer could travel safely. The celtic culture had been but a sitting duck for the roman empire of greed.

Therefore it was dicted:
No druid ever shall consider himself above or below any other human, be it male or female, child or aged.” There is no rank amongst true druids! Just ones more experienced than others, gently sowing semen of knowledge and inspiration amongst their younger brethren. – And youngsters opening the old eyes of their tutors for the real fairies worlds. – Got the point?

As a surplus today, in the age of the Internet, a library thousand times the size of the lost library of Alexandria, is standing open to almost every person.

Thus we the druids do research our roots, the connection between the religions and religious systems, separate human trinkets from elated knowledge and quicker than the druids of old could dream of accumulate the wisdom both ancient and new. It is only the aims tha have changed and adapted to the 21.century. Power and money play no role, because at a long they lead every culture, every religion and every follower, to their downfall. The Celts are history. However, it stays free to everybody to free himself from cultural and religious dogmas and to proceed with hope and confidence on the search for higher principles than greed hatred and malice. – To claim his or her birthright as a free-born human being.
one of those ways is the way of the ancients, the lost brethren or the druids as they were called a long tome ago.

Every way only becomes the way by walking it!