Indian and Aryan roots of the Druids

The transition from hunting and gathering to resident celtic society presumably happened somewhere between Greece, India and south of Russia. From there, whole protoceltic tribes, including or even following their druids continuously migrated towards Europe, Russia, Greece and India. Tourists in India are often astonished when they see blond people with blue eyes in India. Those are the descendants of the Aryans. So “Aryan” has nothing to do with the Morphine-crazed ideology of the GröFaZ! (Druids have a deep contempt for totalitarian ideologies)

Fascinatingly the Indian Aryans as well as their Greco, Germanic and Norse brethren where able to conserve a lot of the druidic wisdom, beliefs, and philosophic approaches.
For us modern times stamped monotheists it’s most astonishing how often the gods of their polytheistic panthei regularly committed  incest, adultery, patricide even cannibalism. Just have a look at Greek or the Norse mythology – For us that sounds gross.

The key not only to those highly symbolic events, but to understand the myriads of Celtic and Indian tribal, locational, elemental, and main gods and goddesses lies in the archetypical lore.
There finally is but one god that is not divided into male or female. All cultures high-lores agree on that. But he has several aspects. Those again have different, intermingling aspects as well. And so on…

The Three
In their classic form, the Arch-gods often emanate as a complementing trias (Bor, Wili, We /Odin, Thor, Loki / Zeus, Poseidon, Hades / Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva etc.) Those self, supporting and completing Triskels can be attributed to the three fundamental colors Red, Blue and Yellow, the three basic Elements Earth, Water and Fire and so on. Now: Every color can be lighter or darker – This is the separation of female and male aspects  The gods and goddesses of the same aspects finally were born (Shiva, Shakti)!

Of course there are mixed colors. Depending on the system four, five, seven or nine. Parallel the gods and goddesses differentiated with an ever evolving Celtic society.
The gods in a Celtic sense are aspects, colors stemming from the same pure white source. This one has thousands of different names but at the end, every being, including gods is but a fraction of his pure energy. The big secret behind it is, that every being continuously remains in connection with this source of love or light. – Ist like a rainbow only being existent as long as the sun shining  into the raindrops. For the Druids this was common knowledge – They had been watching the rainbow for thousands of generations venerating it as the promise of the one eternally loving god.
Like colors the diverse archetypical gods of the Celtic tribes mixed amongst each other and with foreign deities. That is explaining why often new gods swallow old ones or dismember them or even devours its children. It’s the same with the diverse incestuous and adulterous relationships in the spectrum of neighboring or complementing gods.

Luckily the roman blackfrocks were not able to stamp out all traces of lust for live and polytheistic ancient religions. In some parts of the world the religions of old have survived quite intact. – Did we speak of India? How similar sounds the story of a sleeping god, who after his awakening first has to find his own roots deep in the mud, just to ascend and realize his own godliness and the power of his dreams on his own inner universe to let’s say the Celtic road to Annwyn or the travels of the cast out Wuotan on his way to become Odin, or the travels of Odysseus/Ulysses? – All those stories (Odyssey, Edda, Rigveda) are well worth reading! You ask about the first-mentioned the Dreamer on the Lotus? – It’s the Indian Brahma, who in his dream continuously creates our universe. The druids know not only those stories bus the secret behind them, so they say: “Like Inside like outside“.

A very funny consequence of this is, we human beings as well have to be ensouled by this one undivided beam of godly love. It is completely irrelevant if you call it spirit, breath, atum, odem, od, chi, prana or else. Without it every existing being ceases instantly, because every existence is but a facet, subdifferentiation and mix of the loving light of the one.

Therefore the druidic realization that the one does not exist separately from creation but exists and therefore can realize himself as the one in every created thing and being. Every other concept of reality is like the Brahmans say Illusion, Maya, an illusory world just to realize our real being. – The easy way like good ole Brahma in his Lotus flower, or the hard way like wild hunting Wuotan suffering the ordeals of Grimnir, Hangatyr and finally Odin the cleansed, the wise. (Oh yes, Tolkien meant exactly this with Gandalfs fall from the Bridge, clasping to his very own Balrog) All this is not the usual monotheistic pabulum. All the other way: In the acceptance of the multitude lies the key to the realization of the unity.

A further attribute of all protoceltic concepts of belief is reincarnation. In Christianity all wait for their resurrection on the longest day – and hopefully their entry into paradise. The anticipation on a resurrection in the same matter and consciousness is but a faked off copy of the reincarnation theory. (Or a rather morbid hope to become a zombie)
Like explained before, all matter, following druidic lore is existent but by means of the Love of the one. Even our conscious life which is being symbolised through our breath. If breath, pulse and metabolism of a living being stop, according to the lore of the druids  a more or less significant part of its consciousness can travel to a place called Annwyn, Paradise or “World in between”. Some prefer to more or less consciously haunt around a while before they finally make themselves on the way home into the pure, clear light. Back home.
Once there they rest, draw conclusions from their past life, realize a few things that had been blocked from realization during their lifetime to grant an optimal “learning experience”. Then, together with the masters of souls they choose a new incarnation in a reality that offers optimal conditions for their progress – depending on their current abilities and deeds, well understood. Many banksters face next life on a waste dump in Calcutta. – Not joking!

The classic ancient Celts thought there to be not thousands but two worlds. Ours and a place called Anwyn. Each time a human died in this world, a baby draws its first breath on Anwyn and vice-versa. The Indians, and especially the Semitic and Christian mystics like Dante realized the vorticating structure of the “great spindle” along which there are seven respectively twelve possible planes of incarnation. Yggdrasil is, more or less the same concept. Some Buddhistic schools of mysticism came to the conclusion, those planes of incarnation are in fact one and the same world, but its the kind of incarnation as different kinds of stone, plant, animal, and human that differs.

Derived from this line of thought is the lore of “Karma“, the “register of sins” of the blackfrocks and the saving concept of forgiveness. Let’s suppose the unforgiving Germanic and Semitic concept of “An eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth” would be consequently applied (as today in some darker parts of the U$): If we consider the aforementioned mechanics of reincarnation and karma the total sum of suffering in any given plane of existence could but grow without forgiveness. The only way to alleviate the total sum of suffering of one self and others (inside is like outside – get that!) – is to forgive and to practice nonviolence (Ahimsa). The “mahatma” noble soul Gandhi freed the whole of India with the principles of Ahimsa – and nothing but a funny diaper around his butt! No gun!! – He as he lay dying, forgave even his murderer. – “Pressure always evokes counter pressure” That’s not esoteric, but physics.

Or as a very graphic teacher of mine put it: “For Fucks sake, stop bullying others and nobody is going to bugger you!” – Oh well druids can become quite aggressive as well if they fall into a “Druids fury” – Great magic, but even then: “Never hurt, always heal!” Ist a razor-sharp difference between righteous self-protection, without (!!!) inducing any new suffering and senseless violence. Gandhi got the point very well. Lenin, Hitler and Bush did not. (Stop reading Hobbes, Kant, Nietzsche and especially Rousseau – Study the druids dictae.) – To be free you must free yourself from all fears without being blue-eyed. No need for a gun. Look at Gandhi…

Face it: The only way to free yourself from suffering is to try at every deed to keep the total amount of possibly resulting harmony and forgiving as high as possible, respectively minimize the total amount of suffering in others and hatred (counter pressure) that is going to fall back on you. Oh, I forgot: Counter pressure may very well fall back on you a few lives later. Only realizing this could you help to cure the current blindness of goddess Justice in yourself and the society you are living in. Revenge and hatred are like boomerangs, they return to the sender. And they always hit from behind…

To those druids who truly understood this wisdom, the false black path of justice, and judging others, the path of destruction, closed permanently. But the white way of healing and the red way of life, sexuality and conservation opened wide for them that is until today.