Asian roots of the Druids

Druids and Asian roots? Isn’t that a complete patchwork-philosophy? – Yes and no.

The foremost druids could handle all kind of life-forces very well. This knowledge mostly has been lost. The preparation of certain elixirs by the powers of sun, air, herbs and stones for an example is by no means only a chemical reaction. Unfortunately the knowledge about the  inner alchemy was lost during the middle ages or changed to chemistry on the one and superstition on the other side.

The roots of this tradition are still there, but scattered amongst the knowledge of a myriad of ascetics and yogis in the indian-asian region. There the knowledge of the connections and mechanics of the “inner kingdom” have been developed further, almost to perfection.

Based on the premise of the inner five “big” organs of our body being comparable to the big five visible planets and elements whose energies can be freely circulate and change into each other following a certain pattern, arts like Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong and later Kung-Fu and the art of Zen developed. – Everybody to his own preferences.

By the right combinations of movement, breath and thought the energies in our bodies consciously can be used to harmonize our whole being. If you google for “Tao-Yoga”, you almost certainly will find some more or less serious knowledge. It’s not that difficult or dangerous: If you master the one or other methods of inner harmonization, after a short time you will be able to experience certain phenomena which classically are being attributed to the druids…

For an example: “Standing like a tree” really is nothing exceptional for a druid, neither to bless other beings simply by looking at them or even to caress a rock. For outsiders this certainly has to look strange. For those who, thanks to the knowledge that has been kept in Asia, being able to make their own inner gold, often those are the most natural things to do in the whole world. A World which is hunted by a funny yellowish, inert metal that has no value besides turning otherwise reasonable people into murderers, traitors even warmongers. – Now that is what a druids calls a strange behavior.

Maybe losing the age-old wisdom about the inner high-alchemy was the beginning of the demise of the ancient Celtic druids in Europe.