Learn how to talk with trees! (no esoterics, no treehugging, no bull)

Learn how to talk with trees!
(no esoterics, no treehugging, no bull)

If you would like to learn how to communicate with trees, drop me a line here: info@druidenwissen.ch
I always adapt it to the participants, and the topics you are interested in. That ranges from tuning in, to ritual work or the pure physical explanation of how trees interact with our conciousness. I am not however any kind of guru or the like and do not promote any kind of sect, school or religion.

A tree walk is about two to four hours and costs 90.- p. Pers.
I do accept bookings from private organizers like esoteric shops or resellers: For more than five participants I will hold a tree walk at any location in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For international treewalks in english language, please drop me a line as well.
Of course we can do a tree walk in english language. – all over the globe.
(Hey that treewalk in New Zealand was some serious fun).

At the moment the book “Sprechen mit Bäumen” is available in German only. A somewhat unfortunate situation. I am still looking for a gifted translator who will be able to translate the text for reasonable conditions.

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